Why clients choose us

Why clients choose us


Because first and foremost we are entrepreneurs.

That means we understand how you think and don’t look at your company like a traditional accountant. Our shared goal is to ensure that there is sustainable, long-term profitability to drive our partnership forward.


Because we can guide you through the pandemic

The pandemic is a unique challenge for business. Which is why you need expert guidance to help steer you through it.

We have led companies through recessions and economic crises before.
And we’ve already helped several clients find solutions that have helped them not only survive, but prosper in these difficult times.  


Because we get to know you

We provide you with a one-to-one accountant who’ll soon have an in-depth understanding of exactly how your company works and what your specific requirements are.  They won’t just look at your figures, they’ll see how you operate first hand. By getting to know you so closely, they’ll find it easier to suggest ways to make your company more efficient and profitable.


Because we understand the commercial risks you face and how to mitigate them

From rising costs to new competitors, we recognise both the risks you are aware about and the ones that you’re not. More importantly, we can help you minimise them too.  


Because we can help increase the value of your business and your personal wealth.

Numerous businesses have flourished under our guidance and we can lead you to success too. We’ll help you find ways to increase your company’s value, show you your best future exit strategy and the optimum way to extract profits from your business.


Because we employ a proactive, hands-on approach.

We’ll literally go out of our way to see for ourselves how you operate. That way we can offer you advice and guidance that’s precisely targeted to your needs.


Because we talk to you in your own language.

We don’t use technical accountancy terms or baffle you with jargon. Whatever your business experiences are, we can explain clearly and effectively how to move your business forward.


Because we’re more than a basic service provider. We’re a business partner.

Why Morgan Berkeley

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  • “We receive sound advice whenever we need it and there is always someone available at the end of the phone if there’s a problem. The advice, planning and direction Morgan Berkeley offer us are extremely valuable.”
    A London-based beauty salon
  • “Morgan Berkeley has helped us enormously. It’s the extra support – beyond what you’d normally expect – which has been very valuable. By helping us set up our accounting processes we operate more efficiently.”
    A niche-sector travel company
  • “Morgan Berkeley helped my business to survive when we were in a very difficult financial crisis. I am proud to have them as my accountants. I don’t know of any other accountancy firm in the UK that would work so hard for their clients.”
    A professional cleaning company
  • “Morgan Berkeley has helped us enormously over the years. They have woken us up to keeping paperwork in order, and have saved us significant time and resources. Their monthly review of our management accounts is invaluable.”
    A family-owned printing company
  • “I am particularly pleased with the commercial advice we receive from Morgan Berkeley. The time they give us really does make a difference – problems are resolved quickly and our joint efforts have improved our cash flow considerably.”
    A leading engineering company