Outsourcing the Accounting Function, Business Consultancy, Credit Control and Cash Flow Management

Outsourcing the Accounting Function, Business Consultancy, Credit Control and Cash Flow Management

Whichever industry you are in, we make it our business to understand yours. Here are just a few examples of how we’ve helped our clients.

We helped an engineering company build a better business

A leading sustainability and engineering practice with an impressive portfolio of blue-chip clients suffered from inadequate management information. Despite employing a large accountancy practice its credit control was weak, resulting in poor cash flow.


High costs and poor management information

When they turned to Morgan Berkeley for help, we discovered that their operating costs were too high for a depressed marketplace.

Poor quality management information meant that the company’s financial structure was out of alignment with the requirements of the business.


A drop in salaries raised the company’s fortunes

Because of the severity of the situation we recommended a substantial pay cut for everyone. Overcoming significant legal issues, we rationalised and consolidated the company’s structure, taking over responsibility for the entire accountancy function, implementing new accounting disciplines and introducing effective credit control and account management.


Moving up in the world

Now the company is more efficient and quicker to adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace. It has effective credit control in place so cash flow has significantly improved. Business has improved so dramatically that they are successfully competing internationally, exploring the more buoyant markets of South America and the Far East.

Today the business leaves its financial management to us, leaving its directors free to concentrate on their core operations.


Commercially sound advice

The company is delighted they chose us to resolve their problems.

“We are particularly pleased with the commercial advice we receive from Morgan Berkeley. Difficulties are swiftly overcome and our joint efforts have improved our cash flow significantly.”

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