Dedicated one-to-one accountancy

Meet an expert who’s there just for you


When you first think about choosing a new accountant to help you run your business, you might be introduced to an expert who’ll impress you with their knowledge. That’s exactly what will happen if you contact us.

The difference with Morgan Berkeley is that our accountants aren’t simply wheeled out at the start of a client relationship never to be seen again.


We’re dedicated to doing more on your account

We believe in giving you a one-to-one contact. The advantages are obvious. Always having the same person working on your account means they’ll get to know your company inside out. They won’t just look at your figures and balance sheets either, they’ll want to see how you operate first hand . By getting to know you so closely, they’ll find it easier to suggest ways to make your company more efficient and profitable.

Why Us

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  • “Morgan Berkeley has helped us enormously. It’s the extra support – beyond what you’d normally expect – which has been very valuable. By helping us set up our accounting processes we operate more efficiently.”
    A niche-sector travel company
  • “Morgan Berkeley helped my business to survive when we were in a very difficult financial crisis. I am proud to have them as my accountants. I don’t know of any other accountancy firm in the UK that would work so hard for their clients.”
    A professional cleaning company
  • “I am particularly pleased with the commercial advice we receive from Morgan Berkeley. The time they give us really does make a difference – problems are resolved quickly and our joint efforts have improved our cash flow considerably.”
    A leading engineering company
  • “We receive sound advice whenever we need it and there is always someone available at the end of the phone if there’s a problem. The advice, planning and direction Morgan Berkeley offer us are extremely valuable.”
    A London-based beauty salon
  • “Morgan Berkeley has helped us enormously over the years. They have woken us up to keeping paperwork in order, and have saved us significant time and resources. Their monthly review of our management accounts is invaluable.”
    A family-owned printing company